5 Tips for Finding a Home Builder You Can Trust

It seems there’s a builder everywhere you look these days. Everyone knows so-and-so that did some project at the house down the road. But how do you know you’re getting a reputable builder? How do you know the individual you are trusting with your money and, let’s face it, the next several years of your family’s living arrangements is actually to be trusted? Take your time to ask these questions before selecting a builder and you’ll be on your way to a pleasant build with a builder you can trust to take care of your needs both now and along the way.

  1. Do they ask about your family’s needs? Not every builder is willing to customize and modify floor plans to meet your specific needs. Frequently, you may be expected to fit into a “cookie-cutter” mold of a buyer and not all buyers have the same needs. If you have specific desires, you need to be clear what you are looking for and see if they builder will be able to cater to your needs.
  2. Do they offer references? Depending on the type of project you are looking to start, you may want to ask for references from customers that the builder has done similar work for. If the builder cannot provide references, you will want to reconsider this builder.
  3. Do they have a good reputation? This can be determined not only by speaking with references as mentioned above, but all ensuring their licensing is in good standing with the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors and potentially even the Better Business Bureau. You can also ask around the area and speak with your realtor regarding the reputation of the builder you are considering.
  4. Do they provide details in writing and review them with you? One of the most essential parts of a build for a buyer should be to get all details in writing up front. You need to know specifically what you are getting and what features are included in your home. They should be clear on the process of the build with you as well. It is best prior to starting any construction that you have a face to face meeting with the builder and ensure you are on the same page with everything. Even in writing, things can get lost in translation. There is no substitute for a face to face meeting when starting your new home.
  5. Do they listen to your concerns? It is essential that your builder take the time to listen to questions and concerns you may have. If your builder is too busy to communicate with you, be it via email or some other way, regarding your concerns initially, you can be sure they will be too busy to communicate with you along the way. That is not the type of build you want. Be sure your builder listens to you.

So there you have it! Five simple ways to be sure you have chosen a builder you can trust and to ensure a pleasant build for you. Will there be hiccups? Of course! That’s the nature of building. However, with a builder that demonstrates these qualities, the hiccups along the way will be much less severe.


15 thoughts on “5 Tips for Finding a Home Builder You Can Trust

  1. These are fantastic tips for how to tell which home builder is right for you. Someone who cares about what they are building and takes the time to learn about the family that will live there, is invaluable. Great advice, thanks so much for sharing!

  2. My husband and I recently decided that we’re going to build ourselves a new home. We’ve never done anything like this before though, so I’m happy that I came across your tips to help us find a good home builder. I especially liked how you suggested we ask the builders for references. I think that doing this will allow us to see a few examples of the builder’s previous jobs, which will help us decide if we want to hire them or not. I’m going to keep this in mind when we start looking for a builder next week! Thank you for the advice!

  3. I really like number five on the list as it can be a really big problem if you’ve got someone building your home and they stop listening to you halfway through the project. As the article points out, you want to find out how much they’d communicate with you early on in order to avoid any problems later down the line. This can especially become a concern if you want to build the house in a certain style; you’d want to make sure they understood what look you’re going for long before starting the project.

  4. I feel like contractors that really care about the clients will do a really good job. I think if they are concerned about the families needs and listen, these are pretty good signs they care more about you than the money. I believe you can find contractors like these if you take the time to do your research and shop around. Thanks for the info.

  5. In order to build your dream house, you need to have a good home builder. Otherwise, you may not have it built the way you imagined it. I think finding the builder specific to your family is important. Because I know that we want to do a few custom things in the home.

    1. Hey Jessie- You’re right! Different builders may have different visions, and you need one that has one similar as yours! Thanks for reading!

  6. This is a fantastic article about finding a custom home builder. I really appreciate the part about the importance of finding someone with a great reputation. I can only imagine when building a custom home you need to find someone you trust and finding someone with a great reputation seems to make the most sense to begin finding a builder you can trust.

  7. Hiring a custom home builder who will give the details of building my home in writing and allowing me to read over it seems like a great tip. It seems that transparency is a huge part of finding a builder that I can trust to create my dream home. I’ll ask about that so that I can be on the same page about the work that’s being done by the building crew, and to help ensure that my new home will be built how I want. Thanks for the tips!

  8. I really appreciate your first tip on being accommodating of the client’s needs. Since my husband and I plan to make our family grow over the next ten years, we would want a house that can fit our current and future needs. After all, it would be a shame if I we had a new home built, and had to leave it just a few years later! In my opinion, that versatility of the home builder is one of the most important aspects to look for!

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