Happy National Homeowners Month and congratulations to every homeowner living in a Horizons East home! June is dedicated to celebrating the joys, benefits, and advantages of homeownership. It’s a chance to recognize the value that owning a home brings to individuals, families, and communities. In this article, we will explore a few of the many benefits of home ownership.

1. Stability

Rent prices, can be changed at will if neighborhoods become more popular or if the market shifts. Your mortgage will be more stable, varying slowly over time as insurance rates or property taxes change. You don’t have to worry about your landlord selling the building or a noisy upstairs neighbor. Your home is yours, and living in your own home is a great way to protect yourself financially over time.

2. Personalization

Owning your house gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like, to make it feel like home for you and your family. Your decor, fixtures, and features can all be tailored to your personal style! From paint colors to appliance choices, you call the shots instead of a landlord. You and your family can truly make it your dream home.

3. Investment and Equity

Owning a home is a long-term investment. Over time, as you pay down your mortgage and build equity, you are putting money into an asset that typically gains value. This can provide financial stability and serve as a source of wealth accumulation across the years.

4. Community

Owning a home fosters a sense of community and pride. When you own a home, you become part of a neighborhood, and part of your town or city. This sense of community provides stability for families, offering children an opportunity to grow up in a consistent environment, participate in local events, and get to know families who live nearby. If you’re taking the leap to become a homeowner, consider Horizons East to help you build your dream home. Here’s what some of our homeowners have to say about us:

Jacksonville, NC Homeowner: 

“Custom built by Jennifer Morton at Horizons East and her great team, our vision of a home was brought to life by the skill of some great people after many years of dreaming and planning. It is not the materials we posses but the people that call this home that are the most valuable. It sure does feel good to have a place for our loved ones to gather together.”

Maysville, NC Homeowner:

“The house is AWESOME… All I want to do is stay home!!”

Stella, NC Homeowner:

“After walking through the same home you built in another location and after hearing our agent’s affirmation of your family and your skill as a builder, we were pretty confident. Upon our first meeting with you, we both knew you were our builder… We endorse you every chance we get and everyone that sees our home love it and asks who the builder is.. We tell people what we liked best about working with you was your very relaxed demeanor. If we suggested a change it was never a big deal and you would even expand on what we were going for. Would we do it again with you at the helm? Absolutely!”

Hubert, NC Homeowner:

“I currently have the Brookstone and I can’t speak highly enough about how much I love it!! I am always telling people what a great quality company you are and how you include all the additional personal touches that make it not just a house but a home… Thank you!!”