Natural light can make a big difference in the look of a room, and it can improve your mood significantly! While we don’t get very harsh winters in Coastal Carolina, the gray months of the year are still bleak, and sunlight is a sought-after commodity year-round.

How can you keep things naturally bright, any time of year?

1. Angle your house appropriately.

This may not work on every plot of land, but when planning your home build, explore the different angles that you can place your home. Find the direction that maximizes the natural light during the time of day you want it most. For example, if you’re an early riser, an east-facing house could boost your mood with the earliest rays lighting the house each day.

2. Hang mirrors.

Not only do mirrors reflect images — they reflect light! Reflective mirrors can bounce light around the room and help make the space brighter.

3. Use light or bright colors.

White or light-colored walls, furniture, and ceilings will all help to reflect light. This helps to
maximize the luminosity of a room during periods of lower light in early mornings, gray days, or when the sun goes down.

4. Open the blinds and curtains.

To instantly brighten up your home, make sure to crack the blinds or pull back the curtains
when you want to lighten the mood.

5. Keep windows clean.

Dirty windows can’t let in as much light! When washing your windows, don’t forget to clean the outside, too.

6. Get skylights or solar tubes.

While your dream home is being designed and built, check to see if there’s any opportunity to add a skylight or solar tube! These will let the natural light flow to areas of the home that may not get much otherwise.

7. Strategically use artificial light.

Not all light bulbs were created equal! Use artificial lighting to help supplement natural light with bright bulbs that are energy-efficient.

Enjoy the sunshine!