Building a home can be an intimidating process. But with a little planning ahead and these simple tips, building a home can be an easy and rewarding process. 

Plan Ahead

As with most things, the best way to ensure things go as planned is to do your home research and plan well in advance. It streamlines the process very much if the potential homeowner already has an idea of what they want in a home.

Be Familiar with the Process

Another important component in simplifying your home build is to be clear with your builder on the process they will follow to complete your home. Every builder does things a little different so it would be best to ask questions up front. These questions many be something such as:

  • How long can we expect our build to take?
  • Will we be expected to use the Builder’s subcontractors?

Be Clear on the Biggest Priorities

It is also essential that you are clear regarding what you expect of your home and from your builder. If your main concern out of the gate is, for example, a quick turn-around or a large availability of custom selections, you will want to speak with the builders you are considering regarding their ability to meet your needs.

Customize a Floor Plan You Already Like

Sometimes it is difficult for semi-custom and custom buyers to fully express the ideas they have in their head for their home. One of the simplest ways to show your builder what you’re looking for is to bring a floor plan, an elevation, or photos of a house and various features that you like. Your builder should be able to help you incorporate the style you are looking for into an existing plan or perhaps even generate an entirely new plan for you, if time and budget allow for that.

Stay in Contact as your Home is Built

If you are customizing your home, it is important to stay in touch with the builder throughout the process. Your builder will likely schedule a walk-through prior to electrical rough-ins to be sure that you have all electrical components where you would like them to be. They may also schedule additional walk-throughs during the build, in addition to the final walk-through once your home is nearly complete. Visiting the job site, when accompanied by the builder, can also be very helpful in catching modifications that you would like to make early on. Making modifications earlier on in the build will save you cost and headache.