With all the houses on the market right now, how does a buyer choose the right home in the right location for their family? There are several factors you should consider when choosing the location of your home. 

  • What type of lifestyle does your family lead? Do you like to be out in the country with quiet surroundings, or do you prefer to be close to town and the conveniences of it?
  • How much land will you need? Frequently, homes closer to the city have smaller lots. If you’re set on acreage, you’ll most likely have to look for something more on the outskirts of town.
  • How long would you like the commute to work to be? Be sure to factor in not just distance, but also the level of traffic along your travel route.
  • What kind of amenities would you like? Different neighborhoods have different levels of amenities. Some will have zero amenities while others may have playgrounds, ponds, etc.
  • What kind of Home Owners Association dues are you comfortable paying? Depending on the level of amenities and various other factors, your HOA dues can vary significantly. You will need to factor in how much you can afford to pay in dues when choosing a neighborhood.

Asking yourself these 5 questions can ensure you and your family find the perfect location for your dream home.