Often when starting a new year, we make resolutions. The universal goal is to make this year better than the last. Here are a few resolutions you can make for your home to create a more calming, organized, and family-friendly space to love.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

There are things you do every week and every day, like laundry and dishes. Make a cleaning schedule for your home, from a monthly or quarterly closet declutter all the way down to sweeping. Assign a date for each item and who will be responsible for completing it.  Sticking to the schedule means tasks do not go unnoticed and nothing piles up on you.

Complete a Home Safety Check

Change the batteries in your smoke detector. Test your home for harmful chemicals. Do a safety check throughout the home to protect your family for the whole year. Consider having a home security system or a smart doorbell installed to keep your home and family even safer!

Cut Energy Use and Costs

Consider keeping the house a degree warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. Make sure you turn off lights and appliances that aren’t in use. Install eco-friendly LED bulbs and check for Energy Saver ratings when investing in appliances. Saving on energy won’t just help the planet, it will help save you money.

Revamp and Refresh Your Space

Start the New Year with a fresh start by revamping your space! Spruce up by having walls repainted or updating the décor in an area of your home. Rearrange the furniture or change out your throw pillows to make a big impact easily.  Check out this article on refreshing your space with the 2022 Colors of the Year.