April is National Brunch Month. Brunch is a social meal which blends breakfast and lunch foods. It offers a unique opportunity for hosting, and the menu possibilities are almost endless. For a fabulous brunch, or another special event in your custom home, you’ll want a dining room setup fit for the occasion. Here are some items to include when designing your dream dining space.

A Top-Shelf Table

While it doesn’t have to be at a top-shelf price, find a table that is a show-stopper in the style you love. Your table is the focal point of the whole dining space. Round or rectangular, traditional or bar-height, your dining table is the centerpiece of community in your dining room. It’s where you can gather, celebrate, eat, work, and more.

Comfy Chairs

Chairs are another necessity. Test seats for both comfort and style. Make sure your choices will be comfortable for your whole family. Feeling bold? Don’t be afraid to pick something unique! Remember, you can also move these chairs to other spaces in the home when you need additional seating. 

A Beautiful Bench

Instead of opting for all traditional seating, consider adding a bench! Benches are a little more casual and can be great choices if space is a little tight, or when you need to seat several youngsters around the table. Some types of benches can also double as extra storage.

A Bountiful Buffet

A buffet is functional in two ways. It stores your favorite serving bowls, utensils, and dishes. It also is great for serving food when you have a larger gathering or a bountiful meal. It’s also a perfect place to add a bit of decor depending on the season or special occasion. If there’s space in your dining room, adding a buffet gives you quite a few options to enjoy.

Handy Hutch

If you’re not a fan of buffets, you may choose a hutch for a storage and display piece in your dining room. They’re typically built with some display space and some storage that’s not visible. They provide a handy way to showcase family heirlooms or unique pieces, while you can tuck away seasonal platters or items you use less often in the cabinetry. Built for making an impression, a hutch can be very practical as well.

Attractive Art

With your furniture selected, it’s time to turn to the artistic and decor touches that make your dining room “you.” Choosing art that is attractive and compliments your design style adds more personality to your gathering space. Add prints, paintings, or display items that fit your style. And you can never go wrong with framed family photos in this space.

Serving Wares

Ladles, spatulas, salad bowls, etc., are all essential to have on hand when hosting a brunch or holiday meal. Select key serving items for your dining room that coordinate with your colors, pattern, or style. From stainless steel to boho to bright, festive colors, have your serving utensils ready when you need them!

Luminous Lighting

Is a dining room really a dining room without a statement lighting fixture? Whether it’s a chandelier or a funky pendant light, let your lighting be a shining stand-out in the space. Dining rooms are also a perfect space to fill with soft mood lighting or candlelight! Find vintage candlestick holders to light up the room with a warm glow or explore dimmable LED lighting features that enhance a romantic evening or quiet family meal.